Halloween Disco Inferno

You know I’ve performed all around the world but you may not have realized that I’ve even performed in the netherworld as well.

As you can see, this picture was shot on location in Hell!    It was a corporate event for their sales staff which they throw every year on Oct 31st.  Unfortunately, the party attendees don’t show up on film which really caused a challenge in this shot and really was problematic throughout the entire evening.

Talk about a hot dance floor, wow!  I’ve melted the glue in my shoes dancing at other events but this one takes the cake.  It wasn’t just the dance floor neither… you should’ve seen the girls there.  They weren’t so up on the latest dance moves and people probably send them flowers because they thought they was dead but theys sure looked good.

I had to sign a non-disclosure so I can’t get into the gory details but alls I can say they sure know how to party!

Look forward to the event next year…


Happy Halloween

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