I get all the girls, I get all the girls…

I get those purple dressed girls, I get those silver dressed girls, I get those sort of salmon pink dressed girls, I get those zebra stripped dressed girls, I get those big white boot girls, I get those hair tie in their hair girls, I get those sort of looks like a man with an afro wig and a beard type girls…I get all the girls, I get all the girls…well…up to the dancefloor that is! ¬†(Yes, I spell dancefloor as one word)

Hat’s off to wardrobe on this on and a big thank you to www.lookalike.com for shooting this over to me.

As you can see, one thing I like to do is get a group shot of everyone (or as many as possible) doing the Saturday Night Fever disco pose like John Travolta.  The evergreen laugh factor on this is worth the effort it takes getting everyone into the pose.

I must warn you of Travolta shoulder though which is an acute sharp pain in your right shoulder from holding your finger in the air for a prolonged period of time while all bazillion of your friends line up to take shots on their smart phones!

Travolta shoulder does pale in comparison though to Travolta butt which is acquired by sliding across the floor after you’ve done the splits while performing the Saturday Night Fever solo dance. ¬†Fortunately though very few people succumb to this unique ailment but if you’re up for it I may post some tutorials on youtube if I get enough requests for it.


Can you dig it!

Noland as Travolta



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